A misguided title.

As a student of Computer Science, a university can have two roles. One is to teach you how the very fundamentals of Computer Science and the other is to teach you how to think independently in situations which you may not have encountered before. Situations in which you can use your creativity and intelligence to …

“tinyint(3)” is not a “boolean” ! Its really really not!

Apparently all declarations of `tinyint` in MySQLAdapter in Rails are treated as booleans, not just `tinyint(1)`

I set off on a journey to the house of Ops!

My first day of pretending to be a deployment monkey!

Oven roasted honey and soy chicken

Awesome dinner I had some days ago.

Somethings simply require background!

Feynman explaining to a layman that it is hard to explain to a layman


Liquibase migrations are nice except for one thing.