Hospital online forms

Due a circumstances outside our control, my son needed to be admitted into a hospital for a day surgery procedure. Since this was the first time I have had to deal with a hospital admission myself, I was curious to see how the admission process would work. Thankfully this hospital has an online admission form …

Interactions via Lambda

By setting AWS::Lambda as a trigger for SQS receiveMessage, you can send the contents of the message to where ever you want. In my case, it was two places Pagerduty   CAVEAT: Sending lots of messages as incidents to PagerDuty costs money! The way shown sends an incident to the PagerDuty service that you have …

Using elastic stack for fun and … well more fun.

Why   Earlier this year, in a surprising turn of events, I found myself with a free weekend. Around the same time, I had planned on selling my old car and buying a new one which led to me wanting to know how much I had actually spent on my old car. One thing led …

The unilateral direction of DevOPS

The DevOPS movement has been one way until now and that is not the way I envisaged it.

Exceptions and request formats.

How to handle ActionView::MissingTemplate exceptions and to render the html version of the 404 template irrespective of which format the original request is being made for.

Straight to Production.

Change the way you think about development by making sure every commit you make goes straight to production through a mesh of tests you wrote.

*nix processes and env vars

A simple way of inspecting what environment variables are being used by your processes on Unix/Linux and Darwin machines.

Technical interviews.

My take on technical interviews.

Error thrown

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