Animation state :P

I somehow managed to get my iPhone do this! Why this occurs I do not know! I guess that the animations of are not locked in!

iPhone Passwords!

Passwords and iPhones

Its Alive! :)

Android application to connect to a Jenkins Server and display build status is now alive!


I finally got my registration approved for the Android Market!


DevOPS is a mentality, not a position.

Skynet is here! No, I really mean it! & Android is cool!

Summary of the first day’s sessions at Google IO 2011 in San Francisco.

Day #1 in San Francisco

Journey from Melbourne to Los Angeles to San Francisco and then the day spent moseying about.

Defence of the japanese honey bees!

How Japanese honey bees defend themselves against a hornet scout!

I knew I should not have deleted Netscape!

Exactly why are only those two browsers needed?

Search Engines.

The dichotomy of search engines!