Solvay Conference!

I feel smarter just looking at this picture from the above mentioned conference.

Why X-Files is awesome; reason #187

Why X Files is awesome!

iOS development.


Fukushima reactors. An explanation.

An explanation of what happened at the reactors.

Au Revoir Lucid Ending!

Lucid Ending reminded me of this song.

Asset Tracking II

I just realised that simply using Prey would probably put you within some walkable distance of your stolen/lost laptop, but if the place was say a shopping centre, then you would be screwed. Then I remembered this xkcd comic, and decided to do something similar. SSH into the system using the IP address generated by …

Asset Tracking.

Tracking your assets(laptop, phone etc) online!

Flatten a Hash!

Me trying to flatten a hash.

Floating Point : Never forget!

Floating point numbers have accuracy problems and this should never ever be forgotten!

Wireless and iPad – update

Full duplex is good