iPad and mobile broadband

My attempts to get my mobile broadband to share a connection to my iPad.

Wagner, Beethoven and a Macbook

Why does playing Wagner consume battery life at a faster rate on a laptop than playing Beethoven?


Application Configuration and Environment Configuration : The Difference

Objective C and command line!

Compiling and running Objective C code on the command line using gcc.

Asimov …

Dr. Isaac Asimov being awesome!

I am become death, the destroyer of worlds!

Oppenheimer expressing his views after the realisation of what the advent of splitting the atom would bring!

Builds and quick feedback.

Build indicators are important and should be dealt with love and care, and often!

Beautiful test cricket!

Ambrose and Tugga saying hello!


Tis better to be objective friends in a working environment, than just friends!

Google Maps/Street View API : V2 vs V3

Things missing between the V2 and the V3 API