The unilateral direction of DevOPS

The DevOPS movement has been one way until now and that is not the way I envisaged it.

Exceptions and request formats.

How to handle ActionView::MissingTemplate exceptions and to render the html version of the 404 template irrespective of which format the original request is being made for.

Straight to Production.

Change the way you think about development by making sure every commit you make goes straight to production through a mesh of tests you wrote.

*nix processes and env vars

A simple way of inspecting what environment variables are being used by your processes on Unix/Linux and Darwin machines.

Technical interviews.

My take on technical interviews.

I now pronounce you Dev and OPS

The concept of DevOPS is a lot like a marriage.

I, Engineer!

I, Engineer

The Art of Deployment.

Deployment is awesome when done with great people.