And I thought I knew Javascript!

How Daniel showed me proper usage of call back functions in JS!

Analysing a lucene index

The adventures of querying a lucene index outside of luke.

Testing and Mocking

Testing via mocking in Ruby with alternatives for Perl.

Google Maps and Suburbs

This thursday and friday my company , held its quarterly innovation day event. This is similar to Google’s own Innovation Time Off or Atlassian’s FedEx days . In short, we as employees got to propose ideas beforehand and then work on them for two whole days. Towards the end of friday, we got to present …

Google Developer Fest (Sydney-2010)

So for the last two days I have been in Sydney at the Google office enjoying the developer fest. It has been quite fun and I must say that their new API’s on Buzz and Maps (v3) are very exciting. My friend and I hacked together quite a neat little real estate app for buzz …

Google Developer Fest (Sydney) – 2010

Currently researching for tomorrow’s social hackathon.

Mobile Development!

What is it about mobile phone development that should attract people ? Please note that I said should and not will! I do know that there are a fair few people who develop games for mobiles and a lot of people are involved in developing applications for the iPhone, but should it attract people more …