Using elastic stack for fun and … well more fun.

Why   Earlier this year, in a surprising turn of events, I found myself with a free weekend. Around the same time, I had planned on selling my old car and buying a new one which led to me wanting to know how much I had actually spent on my old car. One thing led …

The unilateral direction of DevOPS

The DevOPS movement has been one way until now and that is not the way I envisaged it.

I now pronounce you Dev and OPS

The concept of DevOPS is a lot like a marriage.

The Art of Deployment.

Deployment is awesome when done with great people.


DevOPS is a mentality, not a position.

Builds & DevOPS

Monstrous Builds and DevOPS!

I set off on a journey to the house of Ops!

My first day of pretending to be a deployment monkey!