iBroke is live!

The iPhone app to monitor jenkins builds is now live and available on the itunes app store.

Beautiful, beautiful Kashmir!

Some pictures from Kashmir.

Skynet is here! No, I really mean it! & Android is cool!

Summary of the first day’s sessions at Google IO 2011 in San Francisco.

Defence of the japanese honey bees!

How Japanese honey bees defend themselves against a hornet scout!

Solvay Conference!

I feel smarter just looking at this picture from the above mentioned conference.

Why X-Files is awesome; reason #187

Why X Files is awesome!

Asimov …

Dr. Isaac Asimov being awesome!

Beautiful test cricket!

Ambrose and Tugga saying hello!

StackOverflow: Strange Language Features

StackOverflow had a post about strange features in programming languages.

Oven roasted honey and soy chicken

Awesome dinner I had some days ago.