Straight to Production.

Change the way you think about development by making sure every commit you make goes straight to production through a mesh of tests you wrote.

iOS development.


Objective C and command line!

Compiling and running Objective C code on the command line using gcc.

I set off on a journey to the house of Ops!

My first day of pretending to be a deployment monkey!

Function Pointers

I was writing something in python some days ago and I realised that python actually provides a neat way of handling function pointers. Or at least their version of it. Its called lambda. >>> a = lambda x : x**x >>> a(4) 256 >>> So that got me thinking! In how many languages could I …

Loud logs help no one!

As a software developer, we have to be both Michaelangelo and Sherlock Holmes every now and then. Michaelangelo in the sense that every now and then we get the opportunity to create something stunning, something beautiful virtually out of nothingness. Sherlock Holmes because more often than not, things go wrong and we have to go …