Beautiful test cricket!

Ambrose and Tugga saying hello!


Tis better to be objective friends in a working environment, than just friends!

Google Maps/Street View API : V2 vs V3

Things missing between the V2 and the V3 API

Utopia or Dystopia?

1984 vs Brave New World

Viva la Schneier!

Bruce Schneier’s article on Cyber War!

StackOverflow: Strange Language Features

StackOverflow had a post about strange features in programming languages.

Builds & DevOPS

Monstrous Builds and DevOPS!

NoSQL and Strategic Design

The second session of day one at YOW 2010 was hit and a miss.

The Rails Sessions.

Experience of the first two sessions attended at the YOW conference!

YOW 2010 @ Melbourne

First impressions of my first ever YOW conference.