YOW 2010 @ Melbourne

I am currently sitting in the lounge opposite what is known as the green room at the Jasper Hotel awaiting the start of the YOW Conference for 2010. There are quite a few interesting talks that I want to attend but I am not sure what I am hoping to get out of them.

My idea of a good conference is 50% talking by speakers, whilst showing what they are talking about (preferably in the form of working code) and 50% code hackery based on what they talked about. The DevFest in Sydney was cool like that. I heard about new features and then I got to hack at them. Lets see what this brings.

At the moment, there are lots of companies with lots of stands and even more coffee stands. I have taken a few pictures and will be posting them soon, along with my impressions of the talks.

As a side note, turns out my company is a silver sponsor. 🙂

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