The unilateral direction of DevOPS

The DevOPS movement has been one way until now and that is not the way I envisaged it.

Technical interviews.

My take on technical interviews.

I now pronounce you Dev and OPS

The concept of DevOPS is a lot like a marriage.

I, Engineer!

I, Engineer

The Art of Deployment.

Deployment is awesome when done with great people.

/me raises glass to Madam Curie.

All hail Madam Curie.

Ritchie is dead! Long live Ritchie!

Homage to Dennis Ritchie

Learning iOS. Properly!

The way I learnt iOS5 and improved.

Solvay Conference!

I feel smarter just looking at this picture from the above mentioned conference.

Why X-Files is awesome; reason #187

Why X Files is awesome!