YOW 2010 @ Melbourne

First impressions of my first ever YOW conference.

A misguided title.

As a student of Computer Science, a university can have two roles. One is to teach you how the very fundamentals of Computer Science and the other is to teach you how to think independently in situations which you may not have encountered before. Situations in which you can use your creativity and intelligence to …

I set off on a journey to the house of Ops!

My first day of pretending to be a deployment monkey!

My honourable year!

Once upon a time, when I was a student, I had decided to do honours after finishing my degree! Choices ranged from doing something cool in networking to doing something cool in something else. Suffice to say, inspiration was not forthcoming willingly. It was the age of delusions really! All my preconceptions about how easy …

Limits? …. What limits?

“You can quit, and no one will care if you do. But you will know.”                                              John Collins (Ironman founder)


So I thought I was good at climbing and generally being able to lift myself up a wall that I was paying someone else for. This was generally my experience after six months of climbing at hardrock and cliffhanger. So one day my friend John mentioned this bouldering joint, and like a lamb to slaughter, …

And I thought I knew Javascript!

How Daniel showed me proper usage of call back functions in JS!

Mobile Development!

What is it about mobile phone development that should attract people ? Please note that I said should and not will! I do know that there are a fair few people who develop games for mobiles and a lot of people are involved in developing applications for the iPhone, but should it attract people more …