Mobile Development!

What is it about mobile phone development that should attract people ? Please note that I said should and not will! I do know that there are a fair few people who develop games for mobiles and a lot of people are involved in developing applications for the iPhone, but should it attract people more and more ? Will it become a mainstream development area like Web Development or Games programming?

The main attraction that I see in development of anything for a mobile platform (which for a majority of people means mobile phones) is the condensation of content while imparting the same amount of knowledge. Let us say you run a chartered accounting business and have a website which allows your employees to perform their duties, lodge complex tax returns etc . Can you condense that quality of information onto a smart phone? Can you convey that information without confusing them ? Will you convey that information logically (one step leading to another) or intuitively (letting them search for it) ?

No longer is the term “mobile platform” constricted to smart phones. We have the iPad, the Adam and even the iPed and they have nothing to do with telephony. Applications for them can be varied and interesting. Some have even suggesting that digital mixing for DJ’s is now possible thanks to tablets like these. ┬áIs there a case here that more technology is actually highlighting the lack of fields one can develop for now a days ?

Whatever the popular mood and whatever my own views, mobile development at the moment is at an interesting point. I do not believe that we have explored the full possibility of what we can do with it. Maybe it will lead us down the path of “Less but better information”, or maybe like so many other things that software developers have come across, we will royally screw this up. Who knows?? But one thing is for certain, I am more than eager to find out.

As a side note, I have tried reading books on the Kindle and the iPad. I did not enjoy it as much as holding a paper book in my hand. My sincerest apologies to all the trees, but this is one bad habit I will not give up.

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