Tis better to be objective friends in a working environment, than just friends!

Language module management and ARRGHHHHH

Why are module managers in languages still making me build stuff???

Update : Chrome Extension for REA

The one I wrote in my spare time finally got officially released. *insert huge smile*. Fetch it from here

And I thought I knew Javascript!

How Daniel showed me proper usage of call back functions in JS!

Analysing a lucene index

The adventures of querying a lucene index outside of luke.

Testing and Mocking

Testing via mocking in Ruby with alternatives for Perl.

Mobile Development!

What is it about mobile phone development that should attract people ? Please note that I said should and not will! I do know that there are a fair few people who develop games for mobiles and a lot of people are involved in developing applications for the iPhone, but should it attract people more …

Companies should have exchange programs

I honestly believe that companies, whose sole ware is based on technical competence, should have an exchange program. Even as I write it in the darkness of the night, I can hear the howl of people attempting to preserve the in house knowledge against their competitors. I assure you, that is not what I meant. …