A delightful lunch.

Over the past few years, my culinary tastes have swung from the food I have grown up with to the food I saw on television, to whatever I thought looked tasty. But as my tastes matured, I have realised what the phrase “Eyes bigger than one’s stomach” means.

Over the years, especially after I came to Melbourne, the joys of fast food (if you can call it food) hit me flush. Grab a burger whenever I wanted, doughnuts, coke night and day! That was what I lived on. The excuse that I gave myself was the one that propped up in head, thanks to the popular culture definitions about computer scientists. I thought coke was my caviar, doughnuts my amuse-bouche and burgers my main course all the four years of computer science. Thankfully now, I have come to realise that there is more to taste and good food than answering the question “Do you want fries with that?” with an affirmative.

Case in point, please observe my lunch from today

This is fish bought from Sunshine supermarket. Fried lightly in olive oil and tomatoes, onions and green chilli added for extra flavour.

Now if I was to ask a restaurant for a similar lunch, chances are it would be very overpriced and/or would be dripping with grease.

Here I have made a healthy meal, very nourishing and filling with less than a tablespoon full of oil and all it cost me was $15 AUD.

Next, I want to is lamb fillets. The local halal meat shop sells these gorgeous looking scotch fillets and once I figure out how to make them, thats what I am going to try next.

Au revoir  and Bon Apetit


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