Using elastic stack for fun and … well more fun.

Why   Earlier this year, in a surprising turn of events, I found myself with a free weekend. Around the same time, I had planned on selling my old car and buying a new one which led to me wanting to know how much I had actually spent on my old car. One thing led …

Animation state :P

I somehow managed to get my iPhone do this! Why this occurs I do not know! I guess that the animations of are not locked in!

Asset Tracking II

I just realised that simply using Prey would probably put you within some walkable distance of your stolen/lost laptop, but if the place was say a shopping centre, then you would be screwed. Then I remembered this xkcd comic, and decided to do something similar. SSH into the system using the IP address generated by …

Asset Tracking.

Tracking your assets(laptop, phone etc) online!