Floating Point : Never forget!

Floating point numbers have accuracy problems and this should never ever be forgotten!

Wireless and iPad – update

Full duplex is good

iPad and mobile broadband

My attempts to get my mobile broadband to share a connection to my iPad.

Wagner, Beethoven and a Macbook

Why does playing Wagner consume battery life at a faster rate on a laptop than playing Beethoven?


Application Configuration and Environment Configuration : The Difference

Objective C and command line!

Compiling and running Objective C code on the command line using gcc.

I am become death, the destroyer of worlds!

Oppenheimer expressing his views after the realisation of what the advent of splitting the atom would bring!

Google Maps/Street View API : V2 vs V3

Things missing between the V2 and the V3 API

Viva la Schneier!

Bruce Schneier’s article on Cyber War!

Builds & DevOPS

Monstrous Builds and DevOPS!