YOW 2010 @ Melbourne

First impressions of my first ever YOW conference.

A misguided title.

As a student of Computer Science, a university can have two roles. One is to teach you how the very fundamentals of Computer Science and the other is to teach you how to think independently in situations which you may not have encountered before. Situations in which you can use your creativity and intelligence to …

“tinyint(3)” is not a “boolean” ! Its really really not!

Apparently all declarations of `tinyint` in MySQLAdapter in Rails are treated as booleans, not just `tinyint(1)`


Liquibase migrations are nice except for one thing.

How things should be explained!

This is why I like Schneier and this is how things should be explained

Language module management and ARRGHHHHH

Why are module managers in languages still making me build stuff???

Dynamic Classes in Java

Recently discovered how to create dynamic classes in Java. Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().loadClass(“DynamicClassPath”) And then if you want to invoke a method on it 🙂 Object obj = clazz.newInstance(); Method m = clazz.getMethod(“methodName”, null); And then to call it: m.invoke(obj, null);

Update : Chrome Extension for REA

The one I wrote in my spare time finally got officially released. *insert huge smile*. Fetch it from here

Chrome Extension

So yesterday evening, I started writing a Google Chrome extension for my company. The documentation was easy to find and I started simply creating a manifest file and using the example of pulling flickr pictures. Took me about 5 hours but I finally managed to get a decent working prototype working. I am being told …

And I thought I knew Javascript!

How Daniel showed me proper usage of call back functions in JS!