Google Developer Fest (Sydney-2010)

So for the last two days I have been in Sydney at the Google office enjoying the developer fest.

It has been quite fun and I must say that their new API’s on Buzz and Maps (v3) are very exciting. My friend and I hacked together quite a neat little real estate app for buzz yesterday and managed to present it; it was quite well received. I also met a whole heap of very talented people from many many places with weird new ideas.

I got to talk to developers from Google who worked on Fusion, Buzz, Wave, Google Earth and the Directions API. Got to see a whole heap of new setup in the API’s and also how performance bottle necks have been identified. Found out how they test a lot of JS (especially on maps when they moved to v3 from v2).

All in all a great day’s fun. Learnt heaps and enjoyed it so much 🙂

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